Sunday, 26 September 2010

Eat Pray Love

...and whilst we are on the subject of sweet things, check out Eat Pray Love.

Based on the much loved book, it is heart warming story of finding yourself again. Julia Roberts plays Liz who travels the world searching for a purpose and herself after a painful divorce.

Get lost in the beautiful scenery and even more beautiful men - swoon - my personal favourite country? Bali. My personal favourite man? James Franco who plays David.

The perfect escapism film.


Kisses, ZZ xx


So the master shoe maker Patrick Cox has decided to turn his creative genius to the world of baked goods. And my lord, I'm glad he did!

Teaming up with master patissier, Frenchman Eric Lanlard, the pair combine delicious recipes with novel twists, such as the Pop Cake above, a sumptious combination of vanilla sponge with a blueberry compote centre with special attention paid to the staff's dress - leather aprons and balck jeans anyone? Well, he is a designer afterall...

Check it out in their Soho shop or have them delivered!

Kisses, ZZ xx